ePublishing User Experience Design defines a Reader's Digital Experience when taking in the written and visual content that comprises an eBook Publication. This holds true whether the content is interactive or non-interactive, as the user experience has to do with the ease of navigation, the quality of the imagery and animation, the speed or smoothness with which the content moves on the screen, and the audio quality.

Exceptional ePub 3.0 User Experience Design will set an eBook ePublishing Title apart from other competing titles in the ePublishing marketplace. eBook UX Design is extremely critial in the case of, say, e-Learning or interactive children's storybooks, as the quality of the overall Reader Experience will depend upon the quality of the digital audio, digital video, 3D and the digital imagery that brings a highly visual user experience to life for those end-users who are experiencing the eBook.

eBook User Experience Design for ePub Documents hinges on how creatively the code routines (features) of the ePub format and it's HTML5, PNG, aGIF, SVG, CSS, Font, Audio and Video capabilities are leveraged within the content of the eBook ePublication.