ePublishing Tablet Based eBooks is similar to designing eBook documents for Netbooks, PCs and Laptops, as the resolution of the tablet screen is usually Wide Super VGA (WSVGA, or 1024x600), which is standard NetBook 10.1" screen resolution, or Wide VGA (WVGA 1280x800), which is the standard Laptop 15.6" screen resolution.

Currently eBook Reader hardware platforms are switching over to the Android OS, making them essentially Android Tablets running eBook Brand Overlays. ePublishing Interactive Documents for Tablet eBooks requires a level of detail that smaller viewing devices, such as SmartPhones and legacy eReaders, do not, as viewing screens on Tablets, NetBooks and Laptops are larger (9 to 17 inches) than they are on smaller CE devices (4 to 8 inches). For this reason, fonts and graphics must be clear yet highly optimized so that eBook sizes do not balloon into hundreds of MB.

Our Advantage creating ePub eBooks for Tablet Platforms stems from our ability to create Android Applications for the primarily Android-based Tablet Market. In fact, ePublishi can create eBooks that are themselves Android Applications if the ePub format does not support enough new media power upon it's release in 2011 as ePub 3.0. Android eBooks can leverage the power of i3D OpenGL technology not currently in ePub3.