ePublishing Optimization can take new media eBook content that is currently in Print or Flash format at hundreds of megabytes of total data footprint, and reduce it with equal quality by an order of magnitude (10X) or more, depending on the nature of the content.

This is accomplished via the use of algorithms and work processes developed by our programmers and digital artisans over two decades of experience in optimizing new media content for the high-definition (HD) display industry, whose LCD products now provide the foundation for e-Readers, SmartPhones, Tablets, PCs, Laptops, iTVs and NetBooks which will display the ePub 2.0.1 and ePub 3.0 eBooks that we optimize for our ePublishing Clientele.

eBook Optimization for ePublishing is important for a number of key reasons; customers can fit more eBooks onto their eReaders if they are 10X to 100X smaller, eReader hardware can process the digital content faster and smoother the more data-concise and compact it is, and eBooks will download to customers within seconds, even over slower 3G mobile and dial-up connections. The special effects animation you're viewing here is a 72MB source file (80 frames at 900KB per frame) that we optimized over 125X (to 572KB) with no loss of quality. Everything you're viewing here was created via 24 lines of HTML5.