ePublishing Mobile Based eBooks requires designing and ePublishing eBooks that will fit perfectly on the standard HVGA (320x480) resolution screens that are found on most touchscreen Smartphones, while at the same time formatting precisely for the newer Wide VGA (800x480) Smartphones that run Android, WinMo or iPhone OS environments.

Our eBook ePublishing for Mobile Platform Artisans are seasoned Android Application Developers, and know exactly how to optimize new media assets, including JPEG, SVG, PNG, OGG, MP4, MP3, Java, XML and HTML5 for all the popular SmartPhone platforms.

ePublish Interactive tests our clients eBooks on all of the popular ePublishing mobile eReaders on every Smartphone platform, so that we can ascertain the performance of our interactive ePublishing documents on every popular mobile device which will be utilized to view the eBooks that we have coded and optimized. New media elements such as the animation shown below must be optimized to use the least amount of data to achieve the maximum visual effect. The special effects animation shown below was created by one of our artisans for KDS.