ePublishing for iTV, or Interactive Television, Capable eBooks is going to be a major segment of the future of the eBook ePublishing Industry, as Interactive Television Technologies such as GoogleTV, JavaTV, MSTV and AppleTV are going to bring eBooks, especially new media capable Animated eBooks, into every family living room worldwide.

ePublishing eBooks for iTV requires a very specific design and high-resolution work processes, due to the fact that an iTV screen is wide (landscape), whereas eBook eReader hardware tends to be tall and thin (portrait).

The impending widescreen eBook eReader revolution will ultimately portend amazing animated childrens storybook eBook titles, illustrated cooking eBooks and highly visual "coffeetable" eBooks. ePublishing optimized iTV-ready ePub Documents involves leveraging content flow features in ePub XML, CSS, XHTML, and HTML5 document publishing languages to their maximum creative capabilities within the widescreen eBook playback environments that will soon become common on iTV sets.

An iTV eBook ePublished by ePublish Interactive will scale to play perfectly on hardware eReaders such as Nook or Kindle as well as on iTVs running GoogleTV or JavaTV.