ePublishing Interactive Mission Statement: We provide our international publishing house clientele with the most e-Reader-flexible, visually impressive, perfectly data-optimized, platform independent eBook content to be found anywhere in the world.

ePublishing Interactive eBooks involves a comprehensive work process spanning several phases in the eBook's Development, including: eBook Design, New Media Content Creation, Rich Media Data Footprint Optimization, eBook User Interface Design, eBook User Experience Design, eBook Programming, and finally, eBook Publishing. Each of these phases of development is equally important in the process of putting all of the content together in an optimal way, and thus the utmost care is taken to provide a perfect result coming out of each of these phases of eBook creation and into the next.

The Purpose of this ePublishing Interactive website is to demonstrate what can be achieved using only the technologies found in the current ePub2 standard. We also produce content for ePub3, which supports HTML5, Text-To-Speech, OpenType Fonts, SVG and CSS3. ePub3 will allow eBooks to feature 3D, video, custom fonts and interactivity.