Proof of our ePublishing Interactive Skills comes in s form of highly optimized 3D eBooks featuring the most Professional e-Publishing. The eBooks we created below feature 40 to 100 images per 100+ page book and cost less than a quarter to download (Amazon charges $0.15 per MB per eBook for Download (DL) Cost, or $7.50 for an average 50MB 3D eBook).

Krillionaire Storybook: 387KB $0.06 DL Cost
Krillionaire Monochrome: 992KB $0.14 DLC
Krillionaire Color: 1.45MB, or $0.21 DL Cost
Social Media Business: 538KB $0.08 DL Cost
How To Optimize: 1.1MB, or a $0.16 DL Cost
Image Optimization: 1.78MB or $0.27 DL Cost