ePublishing i3D or Interactive 3D Capable eBooks involves the use of the most advanced features of HTML5 capable ePub 3.0, as well as a work process that involves 3D software such as Autodesk 3DS MAX, SILO2, MOI3D, Microsoft TrueSpace, Bryce, Google SketchUp, and open source Blender3D, as well as interactive 3D programming, image compositing and 3D Design. We have been using these 3D animation packages since V1 and have the latest version of each installed currently.

ePublishing i3D Content is the most impactive in eBook Publishing for a number of very good reasons. First of all, 3D is very popular in digital media genres, including Film, Video Games, Smartphones, Tablets and TV. Secondly, 3D content optimizes well, as the data is mathematical, or "orderly" if you will, and is thus transmutable into numeric representation by digital imaging and digital video codecs. Finally, 3D gives us the control to make your content far more visually stunning than it would be if it were captured on photo or video camera CCD mediums, as in 3D software, we have 100% mathematical control over every photon of light.