ePublishing HTML5 ePub 3.0 Interactive eBooks is the biggest opportunity in eBook Publishing that has ever hit the electronic book publishing industry. ePub3 format will allow animated rich media content which was previously unavailable to ePublishing.

The HTML5 new media format, which has recently replaced the outdated Flash media format on the Internet and on Consumer Electronics Devices (Tablets, SmartPhones, iTVs, NetBooks), is now coming to the open source ePub 3.0 format. In the hands of a content optimization expert, HTML5 can potentially be an order of magnitude more data compact that Flash; plus, it's Open Source (Free for Commercial Use). The digital video formats that HTML5 currently uses, OGG Theora (Google VP3) and WebM (Google VP8) are two of the best video codecs available, if you know the work process to properly optimize HD digital video content for them under HTML5.

To ePublish ePub3 eBook Formats that fully leverage all of the new media features of HTML5 and ePub 3.0, while at the same time creating a data-optimized eBook that is five megabytes, instead of five hundred megabytes, is an artform that our digital artisans have been practicing for well over two decades.