ePublishing Design using the open source ePub eBook publishing document format is significantly different from traditional book design. This is because eBook eReaders offer features that allow viewers to format content in any way they wish to, and allows audio, moving imagery and interactivity to be included in digital publishing content. For this reason eBook content is more akin to content found on the Internet or on SmartPhones than that found in a printed book.

eBook Design for Open Source ePub Documents represents a massive opportunity to the publishing industry, as books transmute from static printed literature into dynamic, digital eReader end-user reading experiences, which entice all of the senses with high-quality audio, digital video, 3D and Interactivity. Exceptional ePub 3.0 Document Design will become the measure which sets the leading eBook ePublishing players apart from other competitors in the ePublishing Industry. The opportunity for ePub eBook Design wins are wide open, with genres from children's storybooks to cookbooks to interactive educational titles to comicbooks to audiobooks to genres that do not even exist yet, such as gamebooks, cardbooks, and i3D virtual world books. Key to setting your electronic publishing titles apart from the competition is image and animation quality in a compact data footprint, such as is demonstrated above in a flawless, crystal-clear 16KB 3D animation one of our i3D artisans created for Sony Memory Stick.