ePublishing Content needs to be both crystal clear as well as highly data optimized, a difficult trade-off to master without the proper work process and design approach. Our Artisans and Programmers have the ability to create high-resolution color eBooks that fit a wide array of screen resolutions and color-depths with a single ePub document, and in between two and eight megabytes of total data footprint, including optimized new media elements such as MP3 audio, MP4 video, SVG, animated GIF, JPEG and PNG imagery.

ePublishing Interactive Content requires detailed knowledge of the ePub 3.0 format and what interactions eReaders will allow, as well as experience writing code in the HTML5, XML, SVG, XHTML and CSS mark-up languages. The quality of the End-User Interaction with the content will be predicated upon how well the content is optimized, such that it works well across the highest number of hardware and software eReaders.

Our eBook Content Design for ePub Documents can be created and optimized by using the client print or film resolution source imagery and text content, or our skilled digital artisans can create new media content from scratch, using our own 3D, digital video, digital audio and special effects software. Superior ePub 3.0 eBook Content Design will set an eBook ePublishing Document far apart from other competing new media titles in the ePublishing marketplace. With ePublish Interactive content there are no trade-offs in quality and data footprint; as you can see from this website, we can get the highest quality animated content into high-resolution format in less than one-half of one megabyte per page, including all program logic, user interface, graphics and animation.