eBook Coding using the XHTML/CSS2 (EPUB2) and HTML5/CSS3 (EPUB3) programming languages requires a specific work process and code structure knowledge regarding how to best leverage the tags of HTML5 and publishing style attibutes of CSS2 and CSS3.

Efficient ePub Coding needs to be done by hand, and not via code-generator software, as realistically, one piece of software cannot truly write another, at least not with the elegance and clever feature usage that a human being is able to. The difference between drag&drop-generated content and hand-coding is most evident in document file size.

For Example this entire website is coded in less than 76KB of CSS and XHTML code, on average 4KB per page, and if you right-click on this page and "View Source," you will see that it takes around two dozen lines of code to produce a professional new media user experience across every web browser, platform, and every consumer electronics device.

The Optimized User Interface Graphical Elements for this website are optimized to use only 170KB of total data footprint, an average of 8KB per page. Note that the graphical UI elements are razor sharp, crystal clear, and yet only take a couple 4KB data packets on average to bring i3D user interface elements acoss the internet. Lightning fast, even on older 3G mobile devices. Try viewing this site on your Smartphone; turn the screen sideways, and note how the site fills the screen perfectly. This is what we will be doing for our ePublishing Industry Clientele in the growing eBook eReader marketplace.