ePublish Interactive is leading the forefront of open source ePub eBook ePublishing, using the latest graphics, animation, HTML5 and CSS3 technologies. Our 20 years of experience in digital content design and data footprint optimization allows us to design, code, optimize and ePublish eBooks for our clients which are only a few megabytes in total filesize. This is in stark comparison to many of the Flash-based, data-heavy eBooks out there, many of which are hundreds of megabytes in filesize and require Flash player.

ePublish Interactive Focuses on Quality while at the same time making sure our ePub document filesize ranges from a microscopic 1MB up to a very reasonable 5MB of total data footprint. This is so our ePub ePublishing Documents are fast, smooth and usable on any type of eReader, from a hardware eReader to eReader software on a SmatPhone.

This includes vey large (320-960 pixel) images and smooth animations with zero compression artifacts (pure image clarity) delivered in less than 300KB of filesize (low overhead), i3D User Interfaces and 3D Design Elements that increase document professionalism by an order of magnitude, Optimized Digital Audio that's crystal clear, and crisp text, which formats on the fly to optimally fit eReader hardware or software.

ePublish Interactive Publishing House Clientele simply send us their original, print-resolution source imagery and text documents, and our team efficiently codes and optimizes all of their new media properties to fit the open source ePub2 or ePub3 format within in the smallest possible data footprint, with the highest possible visual quality.